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Hi, This web-site is always under development. While you are here, you can use the links on the left to check out the contents of the web-site and what will be included in the future.

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Khaled Al Obaidli

Mini Teaching: Click here to check out some of my interactive activities which were presented in my lessons.

Vocabulary Records:
List of eight different methods to record new vocabulary with a number of examples of each method.

My Journals:
While I was at the college I realized that writing my journals was one of the best ways to improve myself. I gave this task real attention. The person I really like to give the credit to is
Dr. Phil Quirke who was directing me throughout this task You will not believe, how much I learned and improved myself in different areas. This improvement is reflected nowadays positively in my career.

My Portfolio:
One main requirement of succeeding is keeping records of your work in an organized way which is in this case called "My Teaching Portfolio" Here you will see one example of my portfolio where you will see examples of my lessons' plans, activities, feedbacks, reflections tasks and my teacher's feedbacks on my reflections.

My Personal Website:
I used Joomla as a content management system and web application framework. Here you will have a closer look on my Web Designing capabilities and more up-to-date examples of my projects and writings.

UAE's Students' Forum: The idea of this forum was given to me by my thirteen years old daughter. The idea of this project is basically to provide the students with the creativity platform to design their own web forum. My role in this project was to direct and provide shallow support. By visiting this forum, you will discover the abilities of the school-level students. They shared their ideas and designed the entire forum starting from designing the banners, back grounds, requesting ready-made styles from other forum designers and dividing the forum into their requirements' categories. Recently, the students established their own Internet Radio Station to stream their favorite songs and audio files. (click the link above to listen)

Learning & Teaching Website: This was done to globally share my Educational Diploma in Professional Training advantages and experiences.

e-learning Website: This project is incomplete until now. The idea of the project is to have a number of teachers sharing and publishing their lessons, activities, tasks and handouts for their students, and at the same time other students can make use of this online material. I have a good control and experience with "WebCT" which is a very professional course management system, but in this project I did not use WebCT because it cost a lot. I used MOODLE instead which is a free, open source course management system for online courses.